Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wild Horses....

God, how I miss you today.

Your birthday was last week...

I guess.

If you told me right.

Today, I'm remembering talking to you as I prepared my Christmas Eve dinner.

Remember that?

I put you on speaker and the kids talked with you, too.

The phone sat on the bar and we all visited, as if you were there in the flesh.

Those two loved you, friend...

You were their cool uncle...

Who told them dirty jokes and IMMEDIATELY took them back...

Because "Mama" was watching...

And wasn't too happy about it.

Kelsie will always remember her name as "Smuckers?"...

Geez, man.

It's hard.

I loved you.

I love you still.

I haven't cried in a long time, but today, I find myself in tears.

Oh my God, how I loved you.

It will never stop.

I will love you always.

My friend;

My confidant;

My brother.

I cry for your family...

I cry for your friends...

I cry for the world...

All cheated out of: you.

Selfishly, most times, I cry for: me.

I miss you, buddy.

Everyday, I miss you.

Not a second goes by that I don't think of you...

Hurt for you...

Long to hear your voice.

Are you happy?

Did you find what you were looking for?

Are you at rest?

Do you awake in the morning to find...peace?

If it is all that you needed, then I abstain...

From all grief...

From all tears...

From all sadness.

You, my friend, YOU...

Are all that matters.

I love you.

You know that, right?

Today, more than ever, I miss you.

It will take wild horses...

To drag me away.

You always knew you didn't have much time.

You always knew you had to unite while you could.

Make hay while the sun's shining, right?

You made hay, buddy...

Never you worry.

All these beautiful people you brought to me...

To D...

I don't know how the two of us would have made it without them.

You just know that we, your two unofficial "sisters"...

Would need wild horses...

To drag us away.

We love you.

We always have.

We always will.

Wild horses, dude.

Wild freakin' horses.


  1. Oh my god. I love him for bringing me to you and D and that is enough. He was amazing for so many other things; but, I would give him a big, wet kiss for you and D.

  2. I think he'd like your big, wet kiss...Hehehe. I really miss him. There will never be another, will there?

  3. Never ever...

    He was one of a kind.

  4. He loved you like you can never imagine. With all his heart, L, he loved you.