Tuesday, November 1, 2011

In the Garden...

I had laid there, unable to respond to anything around me. My family was there. I fought to breathe, but found I was unable to do it.

I gasped for air. It seemed to be the signal they all needed to know my time was here.

One daughter called for another, and she called for another.

They were scared.

I wasn't.

I could see what was beyond anything they could ever imagine.

My breathing became very labored. I fought for each breath with all my might, although I couldn't understand why.

Beauty like none could imagine laid before me.

Maybe I breathed for them - those that surrounded me. I just don't know.

One daughter grabbed my hand, but I couldn't help her hold it. Her hand slid down my wrist, resting at my pulse point. She seemed happy enough with that, and honestly, I was, too.

I gasped for a breath, and they began to sing...

"I come to the garden alone;"

(The song that had somehow kept me going since I had gotten so sick.)

"While the dew is still on the roses;"

(I see tears of understanding. I'm leaving. I hope they won't hurt too much.)

"And the voice I hear, falling on my ear;"

(That voice says, "Joe. Well done. Come home."

"The Son of God discloses;"

(He was calling for me. I hope they understood that.)

"And, He walks with me, and He talks with me;"

(I cannot wait to walk and talk with Him)

"And, He tells me I am His own."

(I know now, if I ever had doubt, I am, indeed, His own. The angels are singing. I am going home.)

"And, the joy we share as we tarry there;"

(My mother! I see my mother! She's calling to me! Oh, Mama, you are so beautiful! I love you!)

"None other has ever known."

(I fly away from the room, all the while, watching them. I wave to my great grandbaby, Tyler, on my way. He sees me. He smiles. I hurt for them, but not enough that I will stay. My God has called me. I am ready to go Home.)

And, just like before I had found them all those years ago, there was my family. Alone but together, trying to live life without me.

I don't know about those days, but I do remember about the day I arrived.

If you have a minute, sit right down. I want to tell you a story...