Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Hello World...

Ah! Blessed, beautiful springtime is in the air and teasing me with those tiny glimpses into what it's going to be like after winter finally admits defeat and succumbs to spring's promise of something new to come, traveling back to its cave, falling in to a deep slumber until December.

I love spring.

I love the smell of fresh air and flowers and freshly mowed grass.

God Himself wraps his arms around me through the warm sunshine on my body and whispers, "Everything is going to be alright, kid. Just sit back and trust Me. Watch what I'm about to do. You'll see. Something good is coming and it is just for you."

The world is new again...

Inviting us all, if only for a bit, to just relish in the glory of living...

And to understand what an honor it is to be here...

To be given another chance...

Another tomorrow...

Another promise.

When you least expect it.

In the least likely of places.

In the least likely way.

Through a most unexpected source.

Hello world.

How ya' been?

Good to see you, my old friend.

Realizing that every zig and zag and fork in life's road; every tear, every tragedy, every triumph...

Brought me here.

And, here is a very, very good place to be.

On the surface, "here" should be in shambles...

But inside, "here" is about as close to perfect as I have ever known.

Sunday afternoon I was thinking these exact thoughts when he said, "I like this song," and reached out to turn the radio up a little bit.

No words were spoken between us as we both listened...

Hello world.

How ya' been.

Good to see you, my old friend.

A tear formed in my eye, as I realized I was experiencing my very own moment expressed in the song, as I took in the lyrics.

When it finished, I looked over and told him, "I like it, too," hoping he wouldn't see the shimmer of the tear in my eye.

He smiled at me.

I smiled back.

Hello world.

How ya been?

Good to see you, my old friend.

Sometimes, maybe spring's a time to erase past hurts and forgive.

Just maybe some are worth a second chance.

And, maybe - just maybe - this time when we forgive, we have to remember to forget...

Because others' slates deserve to be wiped as clean as ours.

And, as you're drinking in that moment, thinking that God is a Masterful and Wondrous Creator, orchestrating everything to show you what He's been saying all along...

You'll get to giggle a little along the way as the person with whom you are sharing this incredible moment that you know, without doubt, you are going to wrap up and place in your heart from this day forward and cherish it forever...

This moment...

This day...

This look between you...

When you think life just couldn't get any better than it is right now.

He'll look over at you and ask you this question - the one you never expected him to ask:

"What's this song about, anyway?"

Hello world.

How ya' been?

Good to see you, my old friend.

Sometimes I feel, cold as steel.

And broken like I'm never gonna heal.

I see a light.

A little grace.

And a little faith unfurl.

Hello world.

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  1. My eyes are tearing up. Your happiness in this post is palpable and I, your friend, feel so HAPPY reading this.

    Hello Pam...