Sunday, September 27, 2009

A Thousand Beautiful Things...

It's morning, and I get up.

My body aches; my heart hurts; my mind is dull...

It's a hard stretch, but out of habit, I arise.

Nothing is different than when I fell asleep, except that everything I left yesterday...

Has followed me to today.

It's a struggle, but I remind myself that everyone else is just like me...



Wondering if there really is, indeed, a reason to continue...

But, in front of me dangles a string.

I look at it, and, as ever, I contemplate it.

That string is called "hope".

As much as I'd like to not grasp onto it and let its wings carry me until tomorrow...

Long before daylight...

As the rest of the world sleeps, I grab hold.

And, that tiny string carries me through my day.

I'd like to think that I am different...

That not all of us are living just like me, but, in fact, we are.

I am full of "woulda", "coulda", "shoulda"...


I can...

I could...

I would...

And, I did.

As much as life told me I couldn't...

I did.

Today will be no different.

The sunrise challenges me...

I stare it in the face and challenge it back.

Neither the sun;

Nor the moon;

Nor can life;

Beat me.

I will win.

I always do.

I will forever fight to see the beatiful things...

A thousand of them.

My children;

My mother;

My sisters;

My friends;

Not one thing on earth can overcome their beauty.

Not one thing can overcome those...

Thousand beautiful things.


  1. you are one of my beautiful things... i love that string of hope. keep it close. i know i will. xoxo love you.

  2. if you feel like
    the weight of the world is on your shoulders
    let me know
    and i'll help you carry your load
    and if you feel like
    lately your nights are cold and empty
    let me know
    and i'll be your someone to hold

    all you gotta do is let me know

    if you feel like
    lately your life just ain't worth livin
    let me know
    and i'll give you reasons to go on
    if you feel like givin up and you've had enough
    if you're fed up baby
    let me know
    and i will help you to be strong

    all you gotta do is let me know

    if you ever feel alone
    darlin just pick up the phone
    let me know

    be your shelter from the storm
    be your fire keep you warm
    let me know

    if you need a little cash
    you don't even have to ask
    let me know

    'cause if ever you're in need
    i will be there guaranteed
    let me know

  3. Mys, you are one of my beautiful things. You are my string. The one I grasp. Thank you for loving me. Thank you for being you.

  4. Jax, I hold onto you more than you could ever know. I heart you.

  5. You speak right to my heart. <3 Erin